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May 04, 2019
Give Yourself Permission to Fail

We resist trying new things for many reasons and most of them are to do with Fear.

Fear of the unknown, of trying something we don't yet understand.  Fear of being noticed as the new kid.  Fear of not getting it perfect first time.

Most of all, I think we are often afraid to be seen to fail.

In this Instagram perfect world where people are pretending to live their best lives online, it seems to have become even more important that you must INSTANTLY be the best, the shiniest, the fastest, the prettiest and so on at whatever you are doing.

Over here in the real world I am here to tell you IT IS OK TO FAIL.

In fact, I believe it is a necessity for both your personal growth and for you to learn whatever it is you are trying to do.

Failure teaches us many things:

- patience
- resilience
- persistence
- commitment
- humility

Eventually failure leads to some version of success, where you master a step or a technique, and the feeling when you pull that off is often exhilarating!!

But if you never allow yourself to fail and struggle and strive, how much less rewarding does that success feel when you finally do conquer the problem??

I fail at everything new the first time I try it.  Its FABULOUS!!!  

Want to know why?  Because I make ALL the mistakes.  Most of them by accident, but some I do deliberately, just to see what happens.  Because breaking things means then I have to figure out how to fix them.

Yeah it can take ages to learn something.  One thing I guarantee though, is that if you truly put your effort into learning something, fully embracing all the mistakes and stumbles you make along the way, when you get to the other end?

You absolutely have earned your knowledge and learned it much more comprehensively as a result.

Sometimes you have to close your eyes and just jump, knowing you will figure it out along the way.  Plan for it.  Allow the time to go through the learning process.  Embrace it.

Not only that - share it.  Tell your stories because failure is part of who we are as humans and there is no shame to that.

Like the last Newsletter email sent out to my subscribers - it had an EMAIL ME QUESTIONS button on it - except it was late at night when I was working on it.  Instead of leaving it to the next day, I forged ahead and sent it, and then realised that the link on the Email button had not been set up.

Well that was dumb!

But, as was pointed out to me, nobody died, and no harm was done to anything but my ego.

So *shrug* carry on and fix it for next time :)

Embrace your failure, welcome it and above all, give yourself PERMISSION to fail.  Accept its an inevitable part of learning and use it as the powerful learning opportunity it is.

Go Forth And Fail!

(all the images included in this image were ones that I made many mistakes with and learned a lot)